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Coco Discs

Coco discs are completely biodegradable product, which gives an ideal germination environment for any type of plant. We produce these coco discs with natural coco peat & husk chips that are carefully selected, sieved, cleaned and produce a premium grade product.

Supporting to keep the birth of plants and trees without weds while preserving the humidity at the roots of the plants, which does not obstruct their growth. We have been able to produce coco discs that can be planting plants through Tissue Cultural method. 

Following can be customized according to the customer’s requirements.

1. Product Dimension:

From Up to
Standard Diameter (Before Expansion)
2 CM
18 CM

We customize the product dimension according to the customer’s requirement.

2. Material Type: Uses standard coco peat and husk chips or a combination of them
3. Weight: Depends according to the customer’s requirement.
4. Way of Packing: Discs can be individually shrink-wrapped (with or without labels) or without wrap, packed in cartons, stacked on treated wooden pallets (With or without corrugated cardboard corners), strapped with strapping tapes and stretch films.
5. Types of Plants to Grow: Seeds or Seedlings

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