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Pellets provide the best solution for hobby gardening, nurseries, hydroponics, and for forestry. Rather than using heavy potting soil, using these compressed coco peat pellets when planting seeds, propagating or tissue culture is more advantageous.

Pellets are produced by wash coco peat with fertilizers, which allow the seeds to germinate healthier and stronger at the initial stage. You will need to add fertilizers after 6 days of planting.  The transplanting process is easier with these pellets as this eliminates the roots damages and saves time and costs. The seed germination is faster since there is a high water holding and high air porosity in coco peat.

These pellets are in a net covered and have different sizes of pellets that fit your requirement.

Following can be customized according to the customer’s requirements.

1. Product Dimensions: From 30 mm to 60 mm ( We customize the product dimension according to the customer’s requirement )

2. Material Type: Uses standard coco peat 

3. Way of Packing: Pellets are individually wrapped with a non-woven biodegradable net, packed in cartons or Shrink-wrapped the required pellets as packs, stacked on treated wooden pallets (With or without corrugated cardboard corners), and strapped with strapping tapes and stretch films