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Wooden Nail

Geo textile used for Erosion control. Wooden Nail used to stay the Geo textile on the ground so as not to move it. Wooden nail is a 100% natural Products. It will start to compost after 8 months of time.
In addition, it will be totally compostable within a year. Wooden Nail use as a Pin to rely on the earth as per the customer needs they can use as a pin in addition to Geo textile.

Following can be customized according to the customer’s requirements.

1. Material Type: Rubberwood

2. Standards sizes:
●  Length: 30 cm
●  On side width: 2 cm
●  Other Side width: 1 cm
●  Length of plug: 6 cm
●  Diameter of plug hole: 3 cm

3. Weight: It depends according to the customer’s requirement.

4. Way of Packing: Directly packed in cartons, stacked on treated wooden pallets (With or without corrugated cardboard corners), strapped with strapping tapes and stretch films.

How it works

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